Jun 05

The weather forecast had stated there was a 60% chance of rain for yesterday afternoon.  The day began as if we’d have no changes to our sunny warm weather but at noon clouds began forming in the clear blue sky.  By 2pm there was a ceiling of grey clouds blocking any views of the former blue sky.  The wind began to pick up and by 4pm windborn tree debris was bouncing off the metal roof of our house.  At 4:20 the rains began and within minutes the shower was a downpour.  I love dark overcast days and they’re even better with wind, thunder and rain.  The rain was wonderful since we’ve had very little precipitation this winter and spring.  It was so nice to have the unsightly layer of greenish yellow pollen washed off everything.

Early this morning our corner of the world was shrouded by fog.  The fog and mists burned off with the rising sun revealing a clean vibrant world.  I walked around the yard from 7:30 – 8am photographing flowers and items that caught my eye.  The plants and flowers were windblown and then weighted down with rain drops.  I’m sure most of them will be standing upright by this afternoon.  Well, maybe not the daisies.


 2ATRrose 3ATRallilum 4ATRchair 5ATRyellowrose 6ATRdaisies 7ATRdroopingroses 8ATRiris 9ATRlupine 10ATRmullein 11ATRrosebabara 12ATRmyrtle 13ATRrockrose  14ATRredbud15ATRredbudrose

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