Mar 25


Spring has arrived


David and I are involved with Ginny Burdick’s upcoming show, ‘Double Vision’ so we’ve been looking for new subject matter.  The idea for the show is for a photographer and a painter to interpret the same area/scene/subject matter.  We visited Sierra Foothill Conservancy’s Fine Gold property last Thursday.  We met Franka Gabler there in the evening.  The hills have finally greened and the oaks are beginning to leaf out.  Though we had evening clouds the sunset wasn’t colorful. It was fun to get together with Franka and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the foothills.





David and I went to Hites Cove yesterday to see the poppies.  I think between these two photo days I have two locations I can collaborate with Dave for the show and possibly one for Franka.  I’ve already painted one painting in collaboration with Franka.

We saw a few friends hiking and another friend from our photography group on the Hites Cove trail.  There were lots of photographers and hikers.  It was quite warm, mid 70’s, but it’s cooled down today with the expected rain arriving tonight.  Fingers crossed we get a good amount.  It will be interesting to see how the poppies fair with the rain.

David Photographing a hillside of poppies.  I didn’t take my tripod so the photographs aren’t as sharp as they could have been.  Enjoy.












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Apr 16


We returned to the Hite’s Cove Trail yesterday.    Gold was discovered in Hite’s Cove in the 1860’s.  We’ve never hiked to the end of the trail but we’ve hiked far enough to see rusted relics from the gold mining era.  Now Hite’s Cove is know for the abundance and variety of wild flowers.

We met fellow Google+ photographers John H. Moore and Tony Payne in the parking area when we arrived.  John had posted the vehicle he’d be driving and David had seen his picture online.  We introduced our selves then headed for the trail.  Vincent Goetz was already at the head of the trail photographing, of course, poppies.  Vince left us early for other destinations while John, Tony, David and I photographed along the trail.  Though we knew  G. Dan Mitchell and  Michael Frye would be out photographing as well, we never saw either one of them.

Vince is on the hillside, Tony directly in front of me, John in long sleeve white shirt and David is visiting with a neighbor.

April15HitesCove  The little wildflower, Bird’s Eyes.


Poppy and Bird’s Eyes.



We parted ways with John and Tony and continued up the trail.  This was the next spot on the trail with a good coverage of poppies.


Below: Redbud and blue Fiesta Flowers.  There were many varieties of flowers blooming, blue dicks, miniature lupine, silver bush lupine, Caterpillar Phacelia, Chinese Houses, Shooting Stars, Goldfields, Indian Paint Brush, Popcorn Flower, I saw one Live Forever and I saw Twining Snake Lily buds so it won’t be long until they bloom as well.  There were lots of other flowers I couldn’t identify.


Looking down the canyon to the trail head on our way out.


The flowers were fully open when we returned to the trail head.  Poppies and Popcorn flowers carpet the hillside down to the river.  This section of the trail has a steep drop off and is only a person wide on a majority of the trail.  I’m simply looking down to the river from the trail.  I accidentally got to toe of my boot in one picture.  I don’t mind the narrow trail and steep slopes but I do wish there wasn’t so much poison oak.  It’s right along the trail where it can easily be brushed.


A hillside of poppies on Highway 140 near Slate Bridge.


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Feb 22

It’s February, almost time for the poppies to begin blooming in the Merced River canyon along Highway 140.  Two years ago the poppies were phenomenal…I think it was 2 years ago.  This week I painted two new miniature pastel paintings, both 4 inch square.  The first one is of a poppy covered canyon hillside, along the Merced River.

Beginning layers.  I first lightly sketched the scene in red pastel pencil.  I save scraps of photo paper when I make a mistake printing or don’t need an entire sheet of paper.  These are handy for printing little photographs for guides when painting.


The finished painting, 4” x4”.



The second 4” x 4” painting.  I did not print out a photograph to use for this painting.  I simply looked at my photograph on the computer….full screen.  This scene was of the last fading light casting warm tones on a hillside.



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