Jan 28

We are having our January spring-like weather here in the Sierra Nevada foothills.  It seems we usually have a week or so of warm weather this time of year  and then we slip back into winter.  The hibernating ladybugs are very active during the warm weather.  A couple days ago my husband and I spent an afternoon photographing the ladybugs and the river behind our house.  It always feels so cleansing to get outside after being indoors so much during the middle of winter.


Ladybugs on a small oak tree.


Ladybugs in the cracks of Ponderosa Pine bark.


David photographing along the river.


My self portrait  🙂


Lacey catkins.  Looks like spring isn’t very far away.


The motion of the river.  I had fun playing with my camera at this spot of the river.

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