Nov 18

October 2009

In October my husband and I took a day trip to the eastside to find the fall colors.   We left home about 4am, drove up the Merced River Canyon to Yosemite, turned onto 120 to take Tioga Pass down to the Lee Vining and Mono Lake area. 

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This was my first time to  the east side and I definitely wasn’t disappointed.    We started at the June Lake Loop at 6:30am.  As the sun rose the colors of the Aspens grew brighter and glowed like jewels.  Grant Lake and Silver Lake had the best colors.  The trees along Grant Lake were brilliant oranges and yellow.  We drove to Lundy Canyon in the late morning.  Lundy Canyon was pretty but I preferred the Grant Lake area.  We hiked up past the beaver damns but the trees weren’t as colorful and the wind was biting cold so we drove back to the June Lake loop.  All day  big storm clouds billowed towards the west, in the direction of Yosemite, but we had sunshine along with the wind making a beautiful autumn day.  We’ll definitely be going back next year!

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