Mar 16

March 13 and 14 2010

We had a perfect weekend for painting.  While the organizers were sweating out the Friday night rain, the artists were preparing for a weekend of painting.  Mother nature was very good to us by providing plenty of sunshine, lots of clouds on Saturday  with a blue, blue sky and perfect temperatures.   I heard 14 artists participated and  many of the visitors commented on how interesting it was to see all the various interpretations of the landscape. 

I’d like to say thank you to all the Sierra Foothill Conservancy personnel and members involved with putting on the event.  They were all so helpful and graceous to the artists, despite at times that,  (I’ve heard this a few times), organizing artists is like herding cats.  Thank you for a beautiful weekend, great company and gorgeous landscape.  I can’t wait to see the exhibit of all the paintings next summer!

While I was busy painting, my husband photographed  nature and people. 

Kim Lordier


As near as I can tell Ginny Burdick is far left in the background.  Karen is on the right in the foreground.  Patrick Lacey is at one of the easels but  I don’t know who was at the fourth easel.


Ginny Burdick


Jeff Horn


Gil Dellinger


James McGrew


Karen photographing David Hoffman photographing the landscape.

Karen photographing David

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Mar 03

 Come join the invited group of local artist and the prestigious group of nationally recognized Embarcadero artists for a day of enjoying nature and the arts.  The artists have committed to creating a body of work depicting the Sierra Foothill Conservancy lands. The paintings will be sold at a fundraiser next autumn. 

Foothill Invitational artists:  Brianna Johnson-Smeds, Charlotte Hoffman, Don Price, Ginny Burdick, Matt Hopson-Walker, James McGrew, Patrick Lacey, Paul Buxman, Penny Otwell, Sue McCline

Embarcadero Invitational artists:  Adam Longatti, Clark G. Mitchell, Jeff Horn, John Burton, Kathleen Dunphy, Kim Lordier, Randall Sexton, Bryan Mark Taylor, Gil Dellinger, Jesse Powell, John Cosby, Kevin Courter, Libby Tolley, Ray Roberts


Saturday, March 13, 2010
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

March is a beautiful time of the year on the McKenzie Preserve. Bring your family and friends to the Open House to explore on your own, enjoy the wildflowers and perhaps have a picnic. You may pick up a Discovery Trail guide and walk this interesting loop trail on the lower part of the preserve or hike to the table top to see the beautiful view. While you explore the preserve, observe plein air artists creating paintings on canvas right out of the landscape. No reservations are needed.

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