Feb 20

I was contemplating art this morning.  For those who have revisited a place that held fond memories and who then discovered their memory is so much more appealing than the actual place – that’s similar to an artist capturing the essence.  Art, most often, doesn’t exactly look like the place/person depicted but we are drawn to the piece.  Perhaps this is so because our memory lacks all the detail and records the essence – which is the goal of an artist and why art works.  Any media that helps express one’s self is art; painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, music, words, dance….

Art = memories brought to life,  recognition of a moment in time,  recognition of an emotion,  an emotion brought to life.

Just a some thoughts.

I’ve been working on the painting below the past few days.  During our recent visits to the Merced Wildlife Refuge I saw inspiring landscapes.  This painting represents the time I enjoyed watching the distant fog bank that was surrounding us slowly burn off.  I worked from top to bottom on 12 x 16 inch Wallis sanded paper.  I haven’t finished the painting yet.

Lightly sketched important lines and the beginning of sky.

Fog Bank

FogBankCharlotteHoffmanBlog2 FogBankCharlotteHoffmanBlog3 FogBankCharlotteHoffmanBlog4

‘Fog Bank’   Pastel painting, 11×17 inches


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