Jan 13


Part Two – Noon to Sunset

After our visit to Tree Falls, I have no idea if that’s a proper name for that landmark, we went to Olmstead Point to take a look.  Since it was the middle of the day it wasn’t very inspiring so we decided to eat lunch elsewhere and return closer to sunset.  We ate our lunch at Ellery Lake which is over 9000 ft in elevation.  There’s hardly any snow.

2:00 pm.  Ellery Lake.


As we passed Tuolumne Meadow we were treated with seeing two coyotes.  This one we watched for a while.


David photographing at Olmstead Point. 


This little Pika screeched it’s head off as we descended the stairs on our way to a rock dome to photograph Half Dome at sunset.  It is SOOOO cute!  They are related to rabbits and about the size of a baseball.


We chose a spot to watch the sunset and waited.  The skies looked promising for possible sunset color.

My view to the east (left).  This is a huge granite face with huge old trees.  There are wonderful interesting groupings of trees all over the side of this rock face that look like bonsai plantings through the camera lens.


A couple  of tiny vignettes of ancient trees on the massive rock face.

429pm 434pm

It seems David always perches on the edge to get his shots.  I end up stressing, worrying and having non stop butt puckering 🙁   ….but I’m quiet and don’t say anything (much).  I always take a photograph just in case it’s the last photograph….is that bad??


Clouds Rest.


Behind me towards Tenaya Lake.


We did get color.  Looking down towards Half Dome.


Ahhh…..how I love color.  A Possible Painting…..     A wonderful end to the day.


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