Mar 27

Sometimes while lying in the night darkness my mind creates landscapes and abstract images.  Today I played with one of the images from last night. I noted shapes and colors in a small sketch book.  The sketch at the top of the page is the one I used today.


The center of the light area wasn’t what my mind had seen so that led me to the next pastel experiment.  I used scraps of pastel paper, this one is Art Spectrum’s black, 5”x13”.   ‘Night Calls’ seemed an appropriate title.


I chose these colors for the second experiment.


This is more how my mind saw the light center of the first image….but not quite.  This is Art Spectrum’s white pastel paper, 5”x8.5”.   Two names for this one, ‘Where Are We Going?’ and ‘Fingerprint’.  I’ll have to try again…..playing is such hard work!


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