Mar 05

A week and a half ago David and I drove up the Merced River canyon to Yosemite for the Yosemite Renaissance reception.  We had seen a few poppies beginning to bloom so today we decided  to go back to see how they were coming along.  We stopped by Casto Oaks Fine Wine and Art in Mariposa to deliver new pastels and photographs.  Claudia Welsh was at the gallery with Penny Otwell.  Kris Casto came in a few minutes later.  It’s always nice to see these energetic ladies.  Claudia received our art then we continued to the Merced River canyon.

There was one nice area in full bloom but overall I’d guess it’ll be really good in a week.  Most of the hillsides were green or looked like this with just a hint of color beginning.  1:20pm



This is the beginning of the blooming area.  We stopped here and photographed a bit and then headed up the road to Hite’s Cove.    1:29pm



We didn’t see anything blooming up the river towards Hite’s Cove so we turned around to return to the above spot.  At the stop light for the one way bridge at the slide area, this little critter was next to the car dashing out of his hole to grab grass then run back down it’s burrow.  Critter sounds so much nicer than gopher.  2:08pm



Approaching the blooming area to which we returned.  Taken from the moving car at 2:18pm.





I liked the view of the two hillsides meeting, the poppy covered crowns of the hills and the long shadows. 2:27pm


A closer view of the long shadows and poppies.  The light was quickly disappearing with the dropping sun.  2:30pm



As you can see the hillside is almost covered in shadow by  3:23pm.  I took this as a reference photograph then I made a quick 5×6 watercolor sketch of this while David walked up the road in search of photographs.  I liked the pine trees glowing in the afternoon sun on the opposite side of the canyon.

Poppies8 Poppies9

The last little bit of sun on this hillside.  3:32pm


As we were photographing along the road our friend Nancy Robbins pulled over and parked.  We followed each other down the canyon towards Mariposa.  When we were near Midpines our friend Terry Robinson joined us.  He was heading to the poppies but didn’t continue when he learned the light was done and that the poppies would be better in a week.  We all went our separate ways after trying and failing to decide if we should find something else to photograph.  We’ll all get together another time.

Nancy and David.  3:45pm



I liked the trees hanging onto the edge of the hillside with the poppies above.  3:50pm


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