Apr 18

New Beginnings

I was invited to my younger daughter’s new home this past weekend.  She and her fiancé have been working very hard fixing up their first home.  They still have a long list of ‘to do’ items but since they had painted the guest room and set up the guest bed, I was invited for a weekend visit.  It was a whirlwind visit but lots of fun.  I took my sewing machine and finished a blanket for my older daughter Friday afternoon. 

Saturday we lunched at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  After lunch my older daughter and son in law stopped by to visit.  Late Saturday afternoon my younger honorary son stopped by with his date on their way to Junior Senior Prom.  Saturday evening my older daughter returned to spent time with us.  Sunday morning we got a big box of doughnuts and ate more than we should have.  Sunday evening we had a lovely family dinner with Matt’s parents.

My younger honorary son, Matt, was stopping by with his date for Junior Senior Prom Saturday afternoon so I set up my camera and tripod in the living room.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the mantle and decided to take a self portrait.  I took several pictures but none of them represented what I ‘saw’.  This picture was the closest to my interpretation of my reflection….  


I was a little leery about taking Matt’s picture since I’m usually photographing landscapes.  I decided to take a test picture of my younger daughter and myself.  I was happy with the result.


Matt and his beautiful date Asia.  I was honored they took time to stop by and include me in their special day.


After Matt and Asia left we decided to take a family picture.  My daughter Michelle, her fiancé Mike, my three Grand-dogs.  I took MANY pictures to get this one.


The Grand-dogs and myself.



That evening my older daughter Heidi stopped by to visit.  Her three dogs stayed home.  I have six Grand-dogs.


I headed home early Monday morning and saw the most beautiful scene as I left town.  The setting full moon looked like the setting sun.  It was as big as a house as I drove to the edge of town.  By the time I pulled over to take the picture it had set much lower and dipped below the horizon within minutes of taking this picture.  This was a great way to begin my day and the drive home. 


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