Feb 22

It’s February, almost time for the poppies to begin blooming in the Merced River canyon along Highway 140.  Two years ago the poppies were phenomenal…I think it was 2 years ago.  This week I painted two new miniature pastel paintings, both 4 inch square.  The first one is of a poppy covered canyon hillside, along the Merced River.

Beginning layers.  I first lightly sketched the scene in red pastel pencil.  I save scraps of photo paper when I make a mistake printing or don’t need an entire sheet of paper.  These are handy for printing little photographs for guides when painting.


The finished painting, 4” x4”.



The second 4” x 4” painting.  I did not print out a photograph to use for this painting.  I simply looked at my photograph on the computer….full screen.  This scene was of the last fading light casting warm tones on a hillside.



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