Feb 13

We’ve located her but don’t have her.  We’re not ‘out of the woods’ yet.  Keep those good thoughts and prayers coming.

    I was bringing in wood this evening when I thought I heard one of her distinctive calls.  I headed down our street, Dave in tow, narrowing the direction of her sounds to 3 lots down from ours.  We then spent an hour with our heads craned upwards trying to locate her.  She’d make very low noises and very high noised which sounded like they were coming from opposite directions, but they were HER noises.  It was like playing Marco Polo and hot potato at the same time.  If we wandered away from her she made more noises calling us back to her direction.  We narrowed the noises down to 2 cedar trees.  Dave walked home to fetch a ladder.  I kept circling the trees trying to see her and finally spotted her just as Dave was arriving with the ladder.  She was in the tree without lower branches…of course. 

   Dave climbed the cedar next to hers and spent a long time trying to coax her to him.  She was ecstatic he was there, making her lovey noises and preening for him.  The problem was, she was on the opposite side of the tree with her tree trunk between them and he had a 5 foot gap of open space to reach her.  He tried to coax her onto a stick but she was scared of it.  Her MO has always been to land and wait to be picked up off the ground.  She doesn’t understand this flying business. 

    I ran home and got the camera while he was trying to coax her and returned in the car.  When he finally decided to climb down the tree to maybe climb hers she freaked and flew.  Now she’s up a 200 year old pine tree without lower branches.  We left her there but she seems to have the savvy to stay quiet with the dark.  She didn’t call us back when we said good night and walk away.  I turned on the car headlights hoping she’d see where we were going and I know she could hear us pull down the driveway, maybe even see us.  I’ve left all the outside lights on and yelled good night to her.  Tomorrow we’ll continue trying to get our baby home.

   Thank you for your overwhelming responses.  Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow this ‘adventure’ is over.

Much Appreciation,

Charlotte and David

Dave up a tree

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That’s Dave near the top of the tree with the ladder against the trunk.  He’s leaning towards the other cedar tree trying to coax Gracie to his hand.

Feb 13

Yesterday our African Grey parrot flew away.  We’ve always kept her wings trimmed but this was the first day warm enough to take the birds outside.  We were careless not to check her feathers. 

Around 11am the warm February air wrapped around me as I walked to the end of the deck.  I was gong down to the backyard to clean the chicken coop.  I turned around, went back inside and suggested to Dave that he bring his crossword puzzle outside since it was so nice.  I took the cockatoo with me and placed him on his branch set up in the yard.  Dave decided to bring our African Grey.  She was on the back of a chair for only a few minutes when she was suddenly startled and flew.  She didn’t travel a few yards as usual, she immediately gained height, flew towards the river, over the top of the oak trees and disappeared.  We spent the entire day searching for her before I made fliers to put out at the end of the day.

We’ve had her for 13 years.  She’s like one of our children.  We are heart broken with worry about her chances of survival.  We live on the edge of the Sierra National Forest which contains Yosemite.  With old growth Ponderosa Pine and oak trees in mountainous terrain, it’s near impossible to find a missing bird.  The river is so loud right now that my husband and I couldn’t even hear each other calling and whistling for her.  I got up early this morning thinking I’d be up before a breeze began so that my voice would carry farther.  It was already breezy before the sun rose.    We moved her cage to the deck so she’d have food and water if she makes it home.  Maybe she’ll recognize the cage if she flies overhead.  We put the cockatoo in her cage hoping she’d hear him screaming.  I’m quite sure his voice will carry farther than mine.

If you think about this, it was her FIRST flight of her life.  I like thinking that once the fear left her that she was exhilarated and her instincts kicked into autopilot.  I hope she lands on someone’s deck seeking food and shelter and somehow we’ll be reunited.  She’s very shy and not outgoing.

We’ve placed adds, sent emails to people in this area, contacted Animal control, tomorrow I’ll contact veterinarians.  I’m tired and tired of crying.  Dave is heartbroken, they were a pair, she was the ‘other woman’.  Enjoy the pictures of a fantastic creature that has blessed our lives…..


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Our Western Scrub Jay we rescued and hand raised.  It took him three years to finally decide to live in the wild full time.  He spent a year wanting back in the house at night.  It will be 2 years ago in May that he met another scrub jay whom he finally chose to leave with…..since that jay wouldn’t come into the house, the cage on the deck or gazebo with him.

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