Sep 09

….will be here October 2 & 3.  I’ve been painting small subjects for the upcoming event.  Our home is one of the sites on the tour.  For information go to:  Sierra Art Trails    David will display his photography, our daughter will display her paintings and my work will be shown as well.  I’m creating little pastel vignettes.   Below is a pastel 6 x 9 inch version of ‘Morning, Lundy Canyon’ .


Another pastel 6 x 9 inch sunset off of Highway 140.

6x9140 sunsetSept10

I also painted a few small acrylic 6 x 6 inch gallery wrapped canvases.  These aren’t necessarily the finished versions.  This apple has been worked on since I took this picture.


The Pear is finished.  I had fun, as I explained to a friend, painting this without my glasses.  I applied the paint in globs according to values and the shape of the pear.  I refined the pear after the initial layer dried.


An old snag on the trail below Glacier Point in Yosemite.


This 6 x 12 inch fish was quite fun to do.  I applied the background with a palette knife.  The fish has a lot of iridescent and Interferance paints, which are shiny and a bugger to photograph….you’ll just have to come see it in person! 


The beginning of a landscape and a peach.


A thank you card for a friend….acrylic on water paper stock card.


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