Jan 14

My paintings occupy 2 walls at Williams Gallery West in Oakhurst California.  Below are a couple of snapshots of what is currently hanging in the gallery and what was previously hanging.

February 13, 2010

February 2010 galleryblog

January 14, 2010

Gallery picsa

Gallery picsb

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Jan 10

January 9, 2010…..oops  my picture file was named ‘09….

Yesterday was our monthly Art Hop which occurs each second Saturday of the month.  Below is the demonstration painting I started at the gallery.  This is the 3rd time I’ve used my Trabucco Ranch photograph.  I worked on this painting from a little after 11am till about 5pm at Williams Gallery West.  We had a very good showing of people.  Several groups came up from the valley to get out of the fog.  The builder for our deck visited with his family, ‘Hi everyone!’. (‘Sierra Fence & Construction’, Ahwahnee CA)  It was lovely to meet with the people and to be able to play…I mean paint.


I’ve worked on the painting the past few days.  Below is my progress.



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Jan 06

January 6, 2010

I’ll be attending Art Hop this Saturday at Williams Gallery in Oakhurst.  I’ll be demonstrating pastel painting so I’ve chosen the view of Trabucco Ranch that I’ve been painting in acrylic.  I decided to also paint the view in landscape (horizontal)  view rather than portrait (vertical).  It’ll be interesting to see how each painting develops.

Trabucco Ranch pastelH 

Trabucco Ranch pastelHb

Trabucco Ranch pastelHc

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Jan 06

The first painting I posted is on the left, the latest version is next to it for comparison. 

Trabucco Ranch acrylic1 Trabucco Ranch acrylic 10510

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Jan 06

I like to save small useless, but interesting items.  Recently we destroyed some floppy discs.  I saved some of the external and internal pieces.  A couple days ago I decided to experiment with saved items, crackle paste and molding paste.  The blue section is crackle paste while the white section is molding paste.  Crackle paste is suggested to be used on a solid surface rather than a canvas…I agree.  My crackle sections began to curl and lift just like mud.  I made a tint with  Heavy gel medium to penetrate the cracks and hopefully glue them to the canvas to prevent them from coming off.   I’ll also put another sealant layer on top of this.  The corrugated looking pieces are the white stretchy protective covering off pears cut to shapes. 

I embedded the recycled items into the molding paste then gessoed the upper area when the paste dried.  I painted the lower crackle area with regular and Interference acrylic paint. 

Floppy Disc Abstract beginning

The upper half was painted with a rust colored acrylic and then painted on top with Iridescent Copper allowing some of the darker rust to show through in the textured valleys.  I began painting the recycled items.

 Floppy disc abstract

More paint everywhere and stamping with the top foil piece of a wine bottle and a cork.

Floppy disc abstractb

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Jan 02

January 1st, 2010    Happy New Year!

We are in the process of having our deck replaced since it rotted…everywhere important….including the house where it was attached.  Therefore, we haven’t been on any ‘adventures’ since the dogs don’t have access to the  doggy door which leads onto the non existing deck. Until the deck is finished being built we have to take them outside regularly to do their ‘business’.  Once the deck is finished we’ll have our freedom to roam once again.  ‘Take the dogs with you’, you suggest???  That would be nice if we didn’t live in the mountains.  One dog gets car sick on twisty roads, kind of takes the fun out of the adventure.

I’ve  worked on the ‘Trabucco Ranch’ acrylic painting below.  I thought I’d start the new year right by spending time painting.  Since the previous post I worked on the sky, muted the distant mountain, gave more definition to the middle and worked on the foreground.  There’s still a lot to improve.

Trabucco Ranch progress

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