Nov 22

November 21, 2009 Saturday Yosemite Western Artist

Ginny Burdick demonstrated her pastel techniques at the Yosemite Western Artists monthly meeting/potluck lunch/demonstration.  She gave a very informative talk about pastels and then demonstrated how she uses them by painting a landscape.  Everyone was ready to paint with pastels by the time she was done demonstrating.

Ginny Burdick  vine drawingGinny Burdick Roughing in under painting

 Sketch in scene with vine.            Rough in underpainting       

Ginny Burdick Using denatured alchoholGinny Burdick Adding Sky

 Paint under painting with denatured alchohol.                    Laying in the sky colors. 

Ginny Burdick Adding Tree LineGinny Burdick Adding Water

               Laying in tree colors                                      Laying in water.

Ginny Burdick Foreground and finished

Laying in foreground.

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