About the

Charlotte and her husband David live in the Sierra Nevada Mountains near
Yosemite with their  parrots,  dogs, and other critters.  Charlotte is a landscape
painter,  David is a photographer.  (Charlotte photographs also).

They draw their inspiration from the California landscape.  David and Charlotte are
members of the
Yosemite Western Artists Organization.  Charlotte and David are
also committee members for
Sierra Art Trails Open Studio Tour

A Little Background
While growing up, every few years Charlotte's family moved to a new location (Air
Force military brat). Living on 4 continents up gave Charlotte an awareness of
changing light and landscape at an early age.  Today her main choice of subject is
the California landscape.  Perhaps this choice is related to those early impressions
of light and landscape in the far away places of Africa, England, USA's east coast,
Turkey and Japan.

Within the journey of searching for ways to express ideas, some mediums reveal
the artist's soul better than others.  For Charlotte the pastel has become the vehicle
with which to express her visions.  With each piece of art created, a portion of the
artist's soul is revealed.  A magic moment occurs when a viewer connects with a
piece of art and feels a deep sense of familiarity or understanding.  Art is a
necessity for humanity.  It's a vehicle of communication that's been with us s
ince the
time of cave drawings.

Charlotte also enjoys abstracting the landscape.  She says, "There's a fulfillment
that comes from reaching deeper within the soul for the truly primal and instinctive
responses.  This  results in a clearer and more honest creation."

The past couple years Charlotte has been exploring oils more seriously.

Gallery Representation

Williams Gallery West in Oakhurst California  

Casto Oaks Fine Wine & Art  in Mariposa California.

Mariposa County Arts Council

Ridgeline Gallery and Gifts  in Mariposa

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